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insect glue trap

yellow PP board,        
 double side glue coated with release paper.      
 effective , non toxic ,long lasting ,easy to use
NON-TOXIC & ODORLESS – The sticky trap contains no pesticides, no insecticides, and it is completely odorless; Get rid of all flying insects and bugs without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals; harmless for people and pets.
UV RESISTANCE and WATERPROOF - The yellow sticky traps are made of premium glue,can last a long time; Designed for catching flying plant bugs such as fungus gnats, white flies, aphids, leaf miners, trips black flies etc. Once full, you simply toss out the used trap and activate another.
SHAPES AND BRIGHT COLOR - Butterfly and flower shapes are convenient for small potted plant and look good in your indoor space while doing their job; Gnat trap killer use bright colors to attract fungus Gnats and flies, and dual sided glue keeps them from escaping.
INDOOR and OUTDOOR USE - Three different shapes including 20 Butterfly shapes, 20 flower shapes,10 normal shapes,bendable hook wire and mini digging tool; meet your need whether it is used for indoor potting or outdoor hanging.
After-Sale Service - We always put our customer first. If you have any concerns and claims, please email us on amazon directly. We are always here to serve and offer you solutions.

12pcs/color box w/hanging hole       packing:  24boxes/inner  96boxes/ctn

1.trapping fungus gnats, white flies, fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, aphids, thrips, leaf miners, olive tree flies, and other flying insects.
2.Eco-friendly, no pesticides, no insecticides and odorless; harmless for people, pets and environment.
3.Dual-sided strong glue effectively captures the flying insects and bugs.
4.Special optical design,small insects like bright color; yellow color attract them more effectively.
5.Shapes design will add a nice look in you space while doing they job.

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